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Dear Tranquebar

Dear Tranquebar, You are so beautiful, right from the T to the R. Beauty inhabits every bit of you, it surrounds you and fills the air above. Ours is a … Continue reading

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Dear Mr Sunshine

My dearest, dearest, dearest Vinay,You know how much I have cried and just how terribly. You have seen me long for you torturously, you have seen what the pain of … Continue reading

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To a little child I saw at the lights

My dearest, sweet, little child, I would say my lovely girl or my charming boy if I had the chance to look at you a little longer and know what … Continue reading

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Like Mum, Like Dad

My dearest Juli, You have never said any of this but I know it well. That you cannot love me any lesser than you love me now, with all your … Continue reading

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Oh Grapes!

Dear Sweet Grapes, Can you be more perfect? I doubt. Just looking at you is pure joy, the soft roundness of your body, tender and smooth, your silken skin enveloping … Continue reading

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Heart Children

My dearest heart children, Someone told me that you are called ‘street children’ because you live on streets. That’s what they know. What they don’t know yet is that you … Continue reading

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Tassology, yes.

Oh what happiness you have got me my dear tea leaves! I seldom get intoxicated with anything but thy have gripped me! The please and apprehension knowing one’s present and … Continue reading

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Sr Valentine – The Angel of Love

My dearest, dearest Sister, I went to a Catholic school that was built by the British before India’s Independence. It is a magnificent building with unique stone walls. I loved … Continue reading

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Booking a Laughter Partner for Life

Dearest Sirisha, I am so thrilled to be writing to you! I can feel the excitement in the tips of my fingers, waiting to scribble endless lines of how mesmerized … Continue reading

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Sweet Sons of the Sea

Dear Shells, (that hang in my bedroom) You give me what I most want and what only you can give me. You are the gift I wake up to each … Continue reading

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Nick, Nikola, Nikolas

I asked my mind to think of a name for you and it immediately came up with Nicholas! I’d love to call you that, I hope you like the name. … Continue reading

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My Boy Tim

My dearest little pumpkin, It’s been years since I last saw you. Since that moment when I watched the distance between us get longer and longer, when you waved your … Continue reading

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Loving You Jules Verne

Jules, I understand if you are a little surprised with the name I picked for you. It comes from something Mary Oliver said while publicly reading one of her poems. … Continue reading

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To This Paper I am Writing On

You are joy, pure pleasure and such a beauty. You, dear handmade Auroville paper, are so, so beautiful! You make me happy when my hand with ink between my fingers glides … Continue reading

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Yo Teeth!

My dear teeth, Thank you for keeping yourself healthy! Though this is the first time I am ever saying ‘I love you’ to you, I developed great love for you … Continue reading

November 20, 2010 · Leave a comment

To Me at 10

Dearest little girl, Yes, your grandfather is a lovely man. You’ll miss him all your life so get used to his absence but also know that your memories of him … Continue reading

November 20, 2010 · Leave a comment

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