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Using real name in dating site is a good idea? i am also not sure

it is nice to know your real name. ibrahim is also my name. using real name in dating site is a good idea? i am also not sure but i dont see any inappropriateness. eventually people try to get in contact with other people who are stanger before. the role of these kind of sites make people familier, isn’t it. so using real name should not be wrong 🙂

as i mentioned, i tried to read english books. the main purpose was improve my english in the beginning. but then it has became entertaining.. yes, finding english books in istanbul is kinda hard. you can provide eng book from some book seller or from internet sites like: but i have checked now. user should know turkish to use this site 😦 ok, i can help with pleasure if you need help.

i prefer to call the cat in the picture as a homemate who doesn’t participate in rent expenses at the same time 🙂 it is not good partnership but i love him too much.. as a part of my job, i travel a lot all around the world. sometimes i stay abroad for a month and when i think turkey, i realize big part of missing is my black cat. his name is pare. 2 years old and he is very cute 🙂

Please don’t thank me. It is my pleasure to write you. Especially part of getting your warm reply is the best part in this correspondence 🙂

Yes, ada cafe should be perfect destination for meeting. I like there, too. When i was university student, ada cafe’s place was only ada bookstore and i spent 2-3 hours at least at my every visit. But i’d offer you one of cafe around the galata tower and meeting time should be sunset or evening time. I’ve googled a example photo for you :p

Or yes, walking together around Sultanahmet or any new places should be perfect. I am not good at guiding the city but if i cannot introduce places properly, i’d improvise for you. Then, we’d create our own İstanbul history which would be far away from reality. We will recreate places once again in our mind 🙂 i agree with you; distance between Turkey and India is not too much. So it is very easy to get together . Even one day we can walk around at İstanbul evening and fly to india and spend day after’s evening at Hyderabad.

I also loved your cats’s name story. When they get togerher, great world will be appeared and make people face smile 🙂 it is perfect story!

I am really surprised about your sailing interest. Names you mentioned are not popular and i believe many people who work at the sea have not heard these names. You should know that they had really fantastic life like other adventurer people but their end was so tragical. Besides, working at sea and waking up offshore is great. You should taste it!
I also enjoy to visit museums too much. I think Amsterdam gives perfect opportunities for it. I have also visited 4-5 museums in Amsterdam but i should say red-facedly that i have not visited Amsterdam Maritime Museum so far. Maybe one day you will take me to there and show me around 🙂 but of course before Amsterdam i’d like see india and want you to show me your favorite coastel town.


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Fighting An Additction

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Addiction is a curse one allows upon one's self until it ceases to seek permission. I do not like the idea of a mind controlled by substance. If I can refrain for 30 days, I'd be very impressed with myself.

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