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Death of a Dear Friend


There seems to be no sleep for me tonight as early this evening I was told of the death of someone very dear to my heart-a Ugandan priest named Fr. Louis Kobusheshe. . I met him when I first arrived in Uganda and as my story tells below, we became immediate friends. We were visiting in the dining room while Bishop Callist was talking with others and we were laughing so hard and for so long , that Bishop Callist peeked in to see us and said “I want to be in this room, where there is so much laughter”.

He was maybe in his early fifties, if that, but had been suffering for years with a chronic liver disease, where he would come close to death many times. We had spoken of how he wanted me to be at his side when it was is time to be with the Lord and though the disease did not take him, but a car accident instead, in many ways I was with him today and still am.

Today, Valentine’s day I had written him a long Valentine email (probably about the time he died). He had contacted me after my Christmas video message and said how wonderful it was to hear my voice and how he had listened to it over ad over again. I promised to keep better contact in 2014, but it had taken me 5 weeks to follow up on that promise.

Our’s was a rather stormy relationship, not all sweetness and flowers-ha. He often disagreed with my feeling s on a subject and was not shy about expressing it. Then like old lovers we’d “make up”, me apologizing for being too emotional about Michael or the hospital or whatever I was upset about and he apologizing for being so hard on me, expecting too much of me. He would say he liked watching me interact in my Ugandan life because I was so passionate about those whose care was paramount to me.

One time I was visiting him at the Bishop’s house and made a big cultural mistake preparing to leave just as the noon lunch bell rang. He was furious–how dare I ! I was thoroughly confused as I had felt I made plans that would cause the least amount of trouble to all concerned. He DID NOT see it that way! The, my dear friend Sheba, tour guide extraordinaire manage to smooth the whole thing over with great diplomacy.

There was a warmth in our caring for each other that was best expressed when he called me “Rose” and I called him “Fr. Thorn”. mostly we laughed or he was telling me to trust God (RE:Michael future) over and over again.

After I received the news that he died in a car accident today, I sobbed and sobbed, wishing I could be there for his funeral Mass and already missing his affectionate care of me and his gentle lectures. I tried to go to sleep but to no avail.. I got up, made a cu of hot chocolate and turned on the computer and immediately this poem from “I love being Irish” website popped out at me. Unbelievable, only gone a few hours and already ministering to my broken heart. it reads
Wild Irish Love

May your love for me
always be
as stormy as an Irish sea.
I want no gentle ride
I wish for no small swell,
I’ve been safely drifting for too long.

May my love for you
always be
as sure as the setting sun.
As steady as a spring rain
a balm to your scorched plain.

You bring the wild,
I’ll bring the sweet.
( You be my rose,
I’ll be your thorn.)
I will be the sweet smile
as you swig down what makes you burn.
I have never ever heard of such a poem, nor does it give an author. I wonder if Fr. Thorn just made it appear for me. My first year there I sent him a “Will you be my Valentine” card, which he loved and expected yearly. Today I sent one, as well, not knowing he was Seeing the best Valentine of all- his Lord of Lords Jesus Christ. He will always be my Valentine.

Pray for me, as this loss (heavens gain) is so bitter sweet to this wilted Rose.




One comment on “Death of a Dear Friend

  1. iphatie
    February 11, 2015

    Fr. Lois Kobusheshe was my uncle, I can’t believe it’s almost a year since he left us. Today, I thought of him, on a whim i decided to Google him and your post came up. I sobbed. It warms my heart. Thank you for eulogizing him so beautifully. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

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