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An Over-recommended Recommendation Letter – Sweet!

“Dreaming of a big rosewood writing table on a beach with a typewriter on it, an old bottle with a single flower, a stargazer lily maybe, a pitcher of cool mint water and enough paper.
I’d write all night listening to the music of waves crashing, looking up between lines and find nothing but the sea spread out in front of me and maybe a lone star’s light glistening on a wave breaking free”

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What! My parents just stood up from their seats because the National Anthem is playing on TV?! I like them!

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Seeking ideas to improve my literary life – how do I fill my life further with the richness of literature – please leave me suggestions or ideas on how you do it – 5 minute journals? print poetry cards? what shall we do?

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The above words are not casual comments or a wild poetry of an amateur. They are just the inspiring feelings that gushed out of her thoughts. And, there are many. Perhaps hundreds. All on her wall in her timeless timeline on Facebook.

Thank you, Mark Zuckerberg, for unveiling this beautiful girl’s beautiful mind more intimately to me and many of us. For, I know Mubin Sultan very closely from her teens. I saw her and have been seeing her evolve by the day in the last more-than-a-decade.

She laughs, she moans, she mourns, she jumps, she celebrates, she thinks, she writes, she yells, she smiles, she plays and does a lot more. When she jotted down a poem, I am her first reader, as I never miss the Facebook prompt from her on my mobile phone. I am her biggest ‘liker’. The cadence of her laughter echoes always in my heart, as she laughs to heart’s content when she does.

Mubin’s positive persona is a VIBGYOR in itself. She is tall physically and also as a person. She is knowledgeable, well-read, dignified and many more and she is just every positive things rolled into one.

Mubin is an explorer. She always has a quest for excellence in whatever she does.

Mubin wants to emerge into a poetess or a writer. And one of those Facebook status messages mentioned above about her imagination on the ambience she desires to be amid to churn out a few lines just unveils her innate urge for becoming a poetess.

Mubin is an eternal traveller and possesses a discerning eye for detail. I always thought this girl could have been a descendant from the clan of Chinese pilgrim Yuan Chwang or Fahian.

She is a hobby traveller. Mubin surprised me when she booked all her travel tickets and managed on her own without any guide by hooking on to complete strangers through and the girl’s grit and determination are evident from her month-long trip across the length and breadth of Europe, experiencing the lifestyle of every place she touched upon to understand the native cultures, history and economics. Later, she travelled to Turkey. She explored these places on her own and easily falls in love with any place that she visits.

Mubin Sultan often tells me to she wants to go and live at Annascaul, Ireland for a month or two, just for the beauty of the place and the fragrance of the clay.

As a student of Tourism and Travel, Mubin always passionately demonstrated an unwavering interest in the history attached to every place.

She was my discovery — I can proudly claim — in the field of journalism. And, how?

Mubin was way ahead of hundreds of students, representing over 100 colleges, who competed in an inter-collegiate organised by Mahatma Gandhi College in Guntur in 2002. Naturally, she bagged the top honors. I was a judge for the grand finale panel and that was the first time I saw her.
She is lucky to have wonderful parents. It is not irrelevant to acknowledge this fact, because I would just narrate how I got her to write for The Hindu (MetroPlus Edition), India’s leading English daily newspaper, launched in Vijayawada by me, as its Chief of Bureau.
I called up her college, Maris Stella, and spoke to Sr. Thresiamma, Principal and informed her that I would like to meet Ms. Mubin Sultan of BA first year, an undergraduate course.
To my pleasant surprise, she came to see me at my office along with her father the same day. Her parents never objected to her journalistic assignments that used to run too late into the night.
Ever since, I have been watching Mubin excel in writing and hone her skills. She knows what she is doing.
I was one of those luckiest few to have contributed my little knowledge (perhaps less than one per cent) in her effort to secure a wonderful rank in the entrance test of IIMC.

When she excelled there by dint of hard work and topped the class and won a gold medal, my joy knew no bounds, for I knew at least one who topped in an all-India institute.

She has done great things and spreads positive vibes around her. She has the attitude to take professional risk for doing the best.
I wish her all the very best and wonderful professional and personal life ahead.

I strongly recommend that she must be given admission in MA – Monumental Heritage in Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. For, she is the most suited student to pursue a course and eventually career in this line.

By A. Say-e Sekh-ar


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