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Day Four: Trafalgar Christmas Tree and Cafe Concerto

After giving many thanks and bidding farewell to the very friendly people at the gallery showing ‘Jewel of the Universe,’ I headed to where I was very curious to go – to see the biggest Christmas tree in London, in the middle of the Trafalgar Square. As I walked towards the Portrait Gallery, I was sad that I could never make it inside, I always had something else to do. Perhaps I’d begin my adventures in London next time with a visit to the Portrait Gallery where also housed is a portrait of Charles Lamb!

I caught sight of the tree and wasn’t impressed. I thought it’d get better as I get closer to it but it didn’t. I didn’t care much to go any further, so I stood at the Portrait Gallery’s entrance balcony and took a deep breath of winter London, it smelled beautiful. Soon I heard some beatboxing. When I turned, I saw a typical beatboxer with his gear, he was really good! So I walked up to him and dropped a few coins in his guitar case too when something really nice happened. An aged, immigrant stood close to the beatbox enjoying his music quite a lot as he was smiling and tapping his feet. As I dropped the coins in the case, this gentleman came up to me and drew me to a small dance of no more than 30 seconds – who knew I’d be at the Trafalgar Square that chill evening, happy as a winter rose, dancing in the heart of the city with a old gentleman as people looked on! I blushed and left soon after.


I was heading back to the underground when I crossed Cafe Concerto. For someone so fond of pastries and tea and English parlours, with impeccably-dressed waiters, this place is lovely! The restaurants belong to a chain, hence look similar, they always have the most wonderful, tempting pastries in display. I was drawn to them at one of the cafes between Hyde Park Corner and Piccadilly when walking with Feroze but Feroze, my brother, isn’t into English parlours, I couldn’t persuade him to go in with me. I wanted to go later but I couldn’t. So here was a chance of doing something I so wanted to do six months ago – treat myself to sumptuousness at a sweet cafe and I did.

DSC04568After a truly satisfying time at Cafe Concerto, I headed back home, Catharine’s home, relaxed the night, got some work done, slept well and said bye to my generous hosts and great friends before leaving for Liverpool with my awkward luggage!



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