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Day Six: Liverpool Photo Feature

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5 Reasons Why Liverpool’s Merseyside Maritime Museum is better than Royal Maritime Museum, London

–          Better, more wonderful, impressive display

–          Great story-telling

–          Great use of pictures to tell stories

–          Double the no. of items

–          More appropriately adorned walls – posters, stories etc.

What is the Superlambanana that I am seen in the picture with?

“You never heard of Lambananas? Seriously?,” asked Denis. He said I should Google it. I did and was blown away! Great idea.

It is intended to be a cross between a banana and a lamb and was designed by Manhattan-based Japanese artist Taro Chiezo. The sculpture is both a comment on the dangers of genetic engineering and also heavily influenced by the history of Liverpool: historically both sheep and bananas were common cargos in the city’s docks.

Merseyside Albert Dock is my favourite part of Liverpool now on this visit. After strolling around the dock, we went to ‘Baltic Fleet’ a great pub on the dock. This is one pub whose location I’d call ‘Gold,’ the pub brews its own beer which is awesome, plus the interiors of the pub are just great and perfect for a winter evening. Thank you Denis for taking me there!



mello-mello-barAfter drinks and the quietness, we walked to Mello Mello – Denis said it was walking distance and really it was but the cold just killed me, however, Denis was encouraging and we soon reached this great coffeeshop – Denis only takes me to great places. There wasn’t a free table here to sit so Denis and I, we stood by the counter. I love the Mello Mello’s logo, two birdies! This is the coolest vegetarian restaurant I know and while here, I treated myself to some Christmas cakes. Denis doesn’t have sweets. I remember he was cross with me because he wanted us to meet with a few of his friends but I was super tired, was running out of my budget for the day. But then, Denis is always kind, so we got home and watched Telugu movies on YouTube. Of course I fell asleep and snored but Denis watched the entire movie 🙂



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