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Day Three: The Dilemma: Birmingham or Liverpool or London

I had planned this travel a month in advance and had bought train tickets too. As per the plan, I was to travel to Birmingham the next day.

Why I wanted to go to Birmingham is a little hard to believe even to myself. I have never really been interested in checking out Birmingham, somehow, it didn’t seem like a fun place to me. But last year in July, when Julia and I traveled up north from Oxford, we weren’t sure if we wanted to go to Birmingham or go to Liverpool. But while in Oxford, it was really easy for us to choose Liverpool. But before we had decided, I had written to a host on Couchsurfing asking if he’d be able to host us for a day or two.

Because we hadn’t decided until the last minute, I couldn’t inform this host, Phil about the change in plans until he wrote to me the night before we left Oxford to Liverpool. I apologized to Phil about not confirming and not being able to inform him in advance that we weren’t visiting Birmingham. Phil’s message was one of concern because he hadn’t heard from me and there was no confirmation, he asked if I was safe in England.

This message warmed me and I wished I could meet him. I replied to Phil with a deep apology and hoped he’d understand but I didn’t hear back from him.

The only reason I booked tickets to Birmingham was to meet with this couchsurfer Phil Wilkins as I really wanted to meet him and not for Birmingham! I didn’t think he wouldn’t respond to my request on couchsurfing. I waited until the last day hoping to hear from him but there was no reply. I guess he was offended by me the previous time but I hoped he’d reply.

Another reply I was waiting for was from my boss in the USA. One would be surprised to know that I was also working remotely while traveling. My boss suggested that I should meet the British team of our company in Birmingham. So, in addition to meeting Phil,

Since there was neither a reply from Phil nor from my boss, I didn’t quite have a reason to go to Birmingham and I didn’t know what to do.

The plan was to go London – Birmingham – Liverpool so my ticket to Liverpool was from Birmingham.

My alternate plans were

Go to Birmigham – stay at a B&B and wander across the city, take the train to Liverpool the next day : no ticket is wasted


Go to Birmingham – wander for an hour or two – buy a ticket to Liverpool, reach Liverpool a day early: in this, I am wasting a ticket and buying a new one – a very expensive option


Stay back in London – waste the booked Birmingham ticket – buy a new ticket for next day – use the booked Liverpool ticket and reach Liverpool as planned: I wasted the Birmingham ticket and bought a new one, thankfully, it wasn’t too expensive.

I stayed back in London. An extra day in London meant I could do some more things I wanted to do – Westminster Abbey and visit Georgina’s suggestion ‘The John Soane Museum’ and maybe go back to Trafalgar to see the Xmas tree.


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