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My 28th Birthday

Was great.

I have maybe said this a million times but I will again, breakfast is the most wonderful, most delightful part of any day for me, so when breakfast is special, I know the day will be special too.

I began the day with wonderful breakfast at the Oberoi Trident with wonderful Neo. I was feeling good in an agreeable Fab India dress. The ambience was modern and reminded me of the Cookbook Café at the Intercontinental, London. This made me miss London’s water, which might sound weird but I did miss the drinking water. The spread was quite okay for the price and the staff were fine but I was hoping they’d keep my tea cup filled and refilled through out but that didn’t happen. I couldn’t help notice how silent we both were. We weren’t talking about anything. I know that he tends to remain silent but I wished we talked more.

From the Trident, we headed to Deli 9, my regular coffee shop where I met with some close friends. I was happy to see them. But the most wonderful part of the day was between arriving at Deli 9 and greeting my friends. The waiting time in between was wonderfully sweet as we talked, smiled and planned for New Years. After spending over an hour with my friends, it was lunch at home with extended family and it was nice – that was actually a surprise. Not the lunch but the ‘nice’ part. I didn’t think it’d be ‘nice’ or that I would enjoy it. I was glad that I could change into another pair of new clothes, a gift from an aunt.  I thought I may not be able to stand them and it’d be a waste of time but no, it was indeed nice to be greeted by all and spend a few hours laughing and eating cake though meanwhile, I also had to work on the presentation.

The presentation was for a corporate dinner event that I was required to attend. Neo wasn’t required to attend but I was glad he came for me, to keep me company. The presentation made me nervous as the event was only an hour away and it was far from done. I worked super fast and could manage to finish it in time. Neo looked dashing in his dinner jacket and we soon arrived at the venue – another posh hotel. I liked that I was at two hotels in the same day, I was hoping I’d be at another one with parents for dinner but they didn’t feel interested in having dinner with me on my birthday, I thought that was a little insensitive but I didn’t let it bother me because that meant more time with Neo. It warmed my heart to see that this person was with me throughout the day, making me feel extremely special. It’s Neo and my mother who made my 28th birthday the most memorable one for me.

At the dinner event, I was thrown a magnificent surprise when the master of ceremonies announced my name and that it was my birthday. He called me on to the stage and little did I know when walking up that in a few seconds, the entire hall with close to 300 people, would sing the birthday song for me. It was a superb experience, at least one of the first of its kind! Nothing like this ever happened before. It was a little like school where I stood in front of rows of children of my class and they all sang the birthday song for me. I thanked SW for it with a little artwork that I put up on the notice board which nobody seem to have noticed!

After making the presentation, a poor job but no one noticed, he and I went on a very short, but very comforting drive before I was dropped home and I was properly 28, going to bed soon and waking up depressed the next morning with the same fears, apprehensions and questions and a 28th year specialty – intense pain in my hip.


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