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Our little dog stays busy too

Hi Mubin,

You’ve got just the right attitude–a love letter to an insect and a Charles Lamb birthday party are the products of a lovely mind. I hope you can keep the fun up forever. And I hope you can pull some of your friends and family into your point of view as well, it’s nice to have support for our mad sides, which are often our best sides. But there’s nothing wrong with being an army of one in some matters, either, and sometimes it’s even more satisfying that way.
I’m frustrated to hear you haven’t received the book I sent you, and I’ll do what it takes to fix that situation! It’s especially important because I’m halfway through the The Flea Palace, which I’m not surprised to find is wonderful, so now I really owe you an enjoyable book experience outside of your normal reading choices.
Very sweet of you to think of me as you do your admirably well-rounded and refined book browsing. It’s heartening to hear bookstores are thriving in Hyderabad, even as they die off in the US. People are reading less, and when they do read it’s increasingly focused on Web nonsense (though of course there’s a lot of good stuff on the Web, too). A lot of people are simply buying through Amazon–I have to admit I get most of my books that way as well. And more and more people are switching to eBooks, which may not be a bad thing, whatever my personal enjoyment of the physical nature of books. Well, I look forward to returning to Hyderabad for several reasons, including books, biryani, and of course most of all to get to enjoy your company again!
It sounds like you probably won’t be able to join Alex on his coming adventure. I know he would have appreciated having you along, but he’s also very comfortable on his own, and he’ll be very understanding. He’s generally very good at meeting people wherever he goes, even if he’s not likely to easily find your equal anywhere.
Everything is fine here. I’m always too busy, trying in vain to not fall too far behind on the various articles and the book I’m supposed to be writing. I have a bit of traveling coming up–New York, and then Montreal, two of my favorite cities, though business travel tends to be a mix of fun, boredom and drudgery. Jason and I drove nearly 3000 km last week to visit 2 colleges he’s interest in in Ohio–he’ll be going off to college next year–and that was actually a lot of fun. Laurie, Rachel and Jason are all busy, too, that’s just life these day, I suppose. Our little dog stays busy, too, prowling everywhere for morsels of food and affection, though the other day she hobbled in from the backyard with what the animal hospital diagnosed as a back injury–she may have slipped on the stairs. She seems to be recovering nicely with the help of painkillers. And yes, Laurie and I have told Rachel about you, she joins Jason in hoping to have the honor and pleasure of meeting you some day as well! Laurie says hello back.
Please keep in touch. And it will probably take a while for that book to get to you, no matter how I straighten out the situation, but hopefully it will end up in your mailbox eventually.
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