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I am well, loving my Contemplative Time at Home in my Arkansas Cabin. My journey thru life has always been to find balance between the active “service-ful” life I have been attracted to and the Contemplative Spiritual Journey that Calls me to solitude. I can finally say that I have found (maybe earned-ha) that balance and this time of my life is the best ever.! It is only possible because Jason  not only supported me thru this last trip to Africa but here, at home, as well. That money will be finished in Spring and I will need to find work again. I am ok with that and count this time as such a gift from both Jason and his beloved Mom Sue.
All in all my healyth has been good but right now in the midst of a back issue, which , though painful, is not serious and should resolve in time, I just love waking up when I want in the morning, sipping on various herbal teas , while reading my devotionals, listening to lovely music. My  favorite, these days, is a CD entitled “Baroque at Bath-time”( pieces by Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Telamann, Handel and , of course, Pacehelbel’s Canon. It workd great for Meditation, Bathing (take a lot of bath to alleviate the shoulder discomfort), as well as while on line. Loving Rumi and Emily Dickinson and anything on Contemplative Prayer I can find .
Just finished rereading a journal I kept one summer when I was 39yrs, while spending my first period of solitude in a cabin in Oregon. It was interesting to see some similar themes in my musings but encouraging to see how many of my dreams I have lived and lived well.. I am not trying to imply I am going anywhere (as in off this planet :), but I have learned that having a game plan for your life is far more fulfilling than just waiting for life to make one for you………………………………
That is what I just adore about you and following your journey. You seem to be unwilling to settle for what life “expects” for and from you. I once lightly said I would love you to write my book (whatever that is, I am not so sure) as even though we have never physically met, you “get” me and would “get” out to the world whatever it is I have to offer it–to make it (the world) more  hopeful and joyful.The only other person I feel that way about is my friend Mary Johns (I do believe you have connected with her on FB, yes?) In any case, I will leave my journals, stories, poems, writing to her and together you can decide it they have any merit for fellow pilgrims.
Laney seems to be doing ok. I do not have as much contact with her as I would like because of her family. They think if I see her then I should spend equal time with her stepsisters ect. it is silly and Laney seems to understand the situation.
No plans right now to return to Africa, but I expect it will happen. I keep up with Michael and my “girls”–all the 20 something nurses and teachers, I connected with while there and several friends. I send money monthy for Michael’s needs and schooling. My optometrist is making glasses for him now and I think they will be quite surprised at the difference, when he can actually “see” the blackboard-ha He is a rough and tumble little boy, always on the go, but with the sweetest temperament ever.  My friend Dr. Lou and Marty Coda have returned for 6 mo. and they think he has ADHD, but I am not so sure. They have named him “St’ Michael of Perpetual Motion” Ha
Now you write and tell me not all the places you have traveled but, rather, where your heart and mind and spirit have traveled in the last year. Watching you on FB is like watching an adorable ducking turn into a breath-taking Swan.
I love you
But now they drift on the still water,
Mysterious, beautiful;
Among what rushes will they build,
By what lake’s edge or pool
Delight men’s eyes when I awake some day
To find that they have flown away?
W.B. Yeats


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