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“I am 60 and okay, for now”

Hi Mubin,

My story is not exciting, like yours.  I’ll tell it anyway, then answer your questions.

In October 2008, at age 55, I lost my job with Fiserv, Inc.  Check processing went to digital imaging.  This eliminated my field.  I have not worked since October 2008.  Let me save that story for another day.  I am 60 and okay, for now.

My nephew (not niece), is 17.  He enters his final year of high school soon.  He’s doing okay.  My brother and his wife are doing okay too.  My brother’s wife was unemployed from 2008 to 2010.  Now, she has a nice job working for a Jacksonville hospital, answering phones and other duties.  They are working hard to rebuild their financial life, like many Americans.  My parents are alive and doing well for their age.

A lot of eye news!  In March of this year, I had eye surgery.  They call it a trabeculectomy.  This lowered the eye pressure in my left eye.  The goal: stop the vision loss in the left eye, caused by high eye pressure.  I have glaucoma in both eyes.  The left eye surgery appears to be healing well.  The eye pressure is stable and low; that’s good.  My right eye, the eye pressure is high, but is stable for now.  I have a small vision loss in my right eye, but no need for surgery, yet.  (More on eye dandruff in future e-mails, which means I have two eye problems.)

My left eye is clear right now, but is usually foggy.  If bad enough, I call it a London fog.  At this moment, as I type, this is the best vision in my left eye I have had, since the surgery in March.  This is good.  Still, the eye is not totally clear.  (Will get to my diabetes and colon problems in a future e-mail.  Yes, I was born unhealthy, wasn’t I?)

Like you, I have a blog; two blogs, in fact. I love having readers.  Since I don’t have a copywriter and editor looking over my shoulder, I make typing, spelling, and grammar mistakes.  Often, I get tired.  Someday, I hope to be a published writer; a published writer, who earns a little or a lot of money, writing.  Yes, I know, writers are famous for starving.

I call blogging my job now.  No pay, but I keep busy.  I also do concert site research for a music entertainer.  This is unpaid work, also.  I am a member of his fan club.

Sadly, my research, is rarely good enough to use.  When good enough, he uses my facts (about a city or town), in his stage humor, between songs.  He finds better facts, when he arrives in a city, than I do using the internet.  My research is back-up material, if he needs it.  Not a bad job; I learn a lot.

He is originally from Manchester, England, but lives with his family in California today.  I’ll tell you who he is, in a future e-mail.  He was very famous once.  At the end of the year, I will complete 3 and a half years, serving his needs.  Then I’ll quit to do other writing.  It’s been good for me.  It’s like having a job, serves as therapy for my mind and soul, and gives me ideas for short, non-fictional books.  Maybe I will sell an e-book someday.  ha ha ha

All I might say now, must wait for another e-mail.  Hope this is long enough for you.  I tried!  Except for the pressure of marriage thing and living at home, you live a very interesting life.  I’ll never  traditions, when it comes to marriage and living at home.  However, if it works for your culture, I guess that is the thing to do.

Here, you find your own mate or you don’t.  Here, you may be thrown out of the house, when you graduate from high school; although this is rare.  Most high school graduates, can’t get away from home and their parents, fast enough.  ha ha ha  Okay, our culture may have a few negatives in those areas.  Still, I prefer my American culture.  I am used to it.  ha ha ha That’s all for now.

Keep smiling,



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