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Day One: Brushing off my ‘Indianness’

When Catharine opened the door and found me, she didn’t seem too surprised. I was pleased to have not bothered her to pick me up from the underground station – ruining her sleep and my little adventure.

I am no stranger to Catharine’s flat so when she showed me around and explained where I can find what, it almost felt like home. It was very nice to be in a familiar and comfortable environment. My friend had some things to do until noon and her boyfriend was leaving for work.

Quite soon I was left alone in the house– the first day of my epic holiday was just beginning! Catharine left the flat keys with me. She said I could maybe go out for a walk around the neighbourhood – Whitechapel and Brick Lane are interesting neighborhoods, or maybe get a beer at The Beggar’s Bowl, since I didn’t have a phone, we decided that I would return by noon or she should find me at The Beggar’s Bowl.

I took a nice long shower, dressed myself in comfortable clothes and sat on Catharine’s couch with my computer, called home on Skype and spoke with mum. After 30 minutes of that, it was around 11 am, I had an hour to kill before Catharine returns. I had half a mind to go out but thought it’s best to lie on the comfortable couch and get some rest.

At around 1 pm, I heard the door bell ring while I was in the washroom. I couldn’t open the door immediately, so when I could, I ran out of the door to call out to Catharine and just as I did that – the loud ‘thud’ of the door almost froze me. “Catharine, I just locked us out!” I shouted to her. She didn’t understand what I was saying but soon she did.

Catharine just couldn’t understand why I would rush out of the door – “I could have gone to ‘The Blind Beggar,’ checked for you there and returned,” she said and as she spoke, I realized that it was my ‘Indianess’ that caused this blunder.

One, I am not used to doors locking automatically and two, I couldn’t think of causing her the trouble of looking for me and worrying even if it would be slight worry for a few minutes. I couldn’t explain this to Catharine.

It was awful to be locked out – it was so cold with chill winds blowing. I was wearing a sweater over jeans and had my socks on but no shoes. My friend was better dressed.

We had no clue what to do – Catharine could jump to the balcony and unlock the door – it was quite doable but she didn’t feel confident. I felt more confident than her that I was capable of doing it but I thought it would be a very odd sight, a fat woman jumping onto a balcony from the railing of the stairs close to it. I felt terribly bad about my body.

Meanwhile Catharine called Marcus and asked if he can come home from work as we were locked out. Kind Marcus said he would – so we waited there, outside the flat in London’s winter chill, waiting for Marcus. Of course I felt guilty like hell.

Marcus arrived and we got back into the house, warmed ourselves and munched on some crisps. I remember that there was one particular type that was Marcus’ favourite which I liked too and had plenty.

We sat in the living room, Marcus on his computer, Catharine showing him clothes and shoes she bought with an allowance her new job presented her. I sat down with my computer and got some work done, I was officially working until the 20th of December!

At around 5 pm, I told Catharine that I was dying to go out so maybe we should get some beer before I treat them to dinner.

We didn’t go to The Blind Beggar but went to one that was right next to Catharine’s compound. A pub only 10 metres away, how incredibly lucky!

White Hart



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