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Day Two: Catharine’s Breakfast

After a delicious night sleep after my first day in London, I didn’t want to hurry the next morning. England in summer was great, one could do a lot in one day but it was winter this time and a kind of cold I had never known.

Catharine didn’t wake me up either. So I showered and dressed at my own pace. I was hungry and imagined we would have breakfast out but Catharine was having hers and she treated me to some. Muesli, yoghurt, and frozen raspberries. It was delicious! Upon returning to India, this has become my most common breakfast – frozen raspberries replaced with fresh local fruit, mostly bananas. So, thank you Catharine for getting me hooked to your favourite breakfast.


The English yoghurt however is a lot softer and thicker, thereby making the mix a lot more interesting. Catharine told me that it was this yoghurt that she missed most while in India, we just didn’t have that creamy, soft yoghurt, rich maybe but not thick and soft like that! Catharine used Sainsbury’s yoghurt – a pound for a good tumblr of it. I was sad to notice that packed yoghurt in India costs as much as a pound – so unfair!

As I had breakfast I recalled my wonderful mornings at the Intercontinental and their lovely spread.  I hoped to try enjoying the same on at least one of my mornings in London on this holiday.

While having breakfast we tried to list things I wanted to do, places to visit and people to meet, over the next two/three days and picked a few for this day. I felt an urgent need to rush to Hyde Park Corner where I had stayed during my last visit, my first introduction to London began there.

So the list for the day looked a bit like this

–          Dickens House Museum

–          Hard Rock Café, Hyde Park Corner

–          Piccadilly, Lunch Recital

–          Find Charles Lamb bust on Giltspur Street

–          Ryantown, Columbia Street

That was quite a lot for a cold day but Catharine is a super awesome girl. Not only do I have great confidence in the adventurer in her, she improved my confidence in self. I knew we’d cross all the above places regardless of how tired or cold I must be. I knew I wouldn’t be hungry all day as both my friend and I enjoy eating out and have quite an appetite. Plus Catharine’s a real sweetheart and always has power bars in her bag for herself and never minds sharing.


We headed out and took our first bus to reach Dickens House Museum. While waiting for the bus, I realized I was really cold and loved that feeling. I was quite warmly dressed but could have done with more warmth.  Each one of the above on the list deserves a dedicated blog entry.


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This entry was posted on October 11, 2013 by in Travels.

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