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Of Memory and Mnemonics


I have been particularly smitten with graphs lately and therefore do not find it difficult to think of my situation as corresponding to the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve. I intend to now write on my travels across Europe in December last year. Over four months have passed since and I am not sure how much of it all I remember.

The exponential nature of forgetting unsettles me. I like to believe I have a certain grip on my memory, especially when I enter a portal knowing very well that I intend to remember everything about it. No doubt the details fade away slowly, slip into the oblivion of a forgotten world from which longing emerges in leaps and bounds. That’s strangely the pattern of my longing. It gets stronger as I tend to realize the invasion of forgetfulness over my memories, strange for one is usually known to long over the intrusion of purposeful or random recollection of memories. I tend to hold them, in a tight grip, at least until I put them on down on paper. If you look at me inside my head, I am found holding my travel memories tightly and close to me as I would hold a bunch of flowers with full realization they will soon fade and ridiculously believing that the fading will be delayed as long as I am holding them close to me.

Such is the graph of my memory of my December travel across Europe of which I intend to write everything here. Technically, I should remember less of London than Bratislava as the latter is closer to time. So the graph is exponential from Day 1 to Day 30 but Ebbinghaus reasoned that with the help of mnemonics, the exponentiality can be reasonably checked.

Now, I have gathered plenty of those mnemonics, all real, metaphorical and virtual – notes, mental milestones, gifts, scribbles and pictures – pictures, the greatest mnemonics. Will I remember what I did soon after I woke up on my first morning in London, or the star on the Xmas tree at St Pancras or the aroma of breads in Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof, the sounds of pigeons outside the Notre Dame,.. I don’t know. I am curious to know how much of it I really do remember.

It’s now time to bring that memory out on paper and when done with all my writing, I will have a real time graph here.


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