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Let’s Begin the Writing


My biggest dream came true and I haven’t written about it yet. There’s no reason but fear. Fear that I wouldn’t do justice to my stories, that once written, the experience of living my dream would be made so small that it would lose its magic. This can’t be farther from truth. Tonight I try to conquer my fear of not telling my stories well, and write to tell them because there can’t be anything more tragic than not preserving them in virtual memory for the biological one will someday fail and will need help recalling.

Tonight, as the summer breeze cools and caresses leaves and flowers in gardens, I sit down to write under beautiful halogen light, Enya sings in my ears, and this token of love right over my writing desk, a token so special fills me with the greatest joy that gets my fingers going, setting my heart to write.

Tonight, I write, thanks to love – gorgeous, beautiful love.


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This entry was posted on May 27, 2013 by in Travels.

Fighting An Additction

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Addiction is a curse one allows upon one's self until it ceases to seek permission. I do not like the idea of a mind controlled by substance. If I can refrain for 30 days, I'd be very impressed with myself.

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