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An Imagined Evening in London


Dear London, all I want for today

is to be at your Wembley’s

with this someone I know who wishes just the same.

This someone who now makes my everyday beautiful.

We will watch the football match, Dortmund vs Bayern Munich

I wouldn’t understand many things, I don’t know the game

But he’d be with me and maybe he will explain,

What a centre-circle or a yellow card is

I will cheer for a team he supports

So we are together in our cheerfulness

Perhaps his favourite team will win

and we will leave your Wembleys with many smiles


We will walk to Westminster,

Along the Thames,

Halt over the bridge and admire the Eye,

And maybe kiss

For its lovely to kiss on the bridge over Thames


We will soon get to the Tube Station

Ponder for a few minutes if we should

Take the District/Central line to South Ken and then the Piccadilly line to Hyde Park Corner

Or if should get to Embankment, change to the Northern line, get to Leicester Square, change to Piccadilly line and get to Hyde Park Corner

Because we love the Tube and the lady that says

‘Please mind the gap between the train and the platform,’

we take the most complex route

We leave the train at the Corner, a tired lady still seated inside watches us

I will watch her disappear into the tunnel,

one of the countless faces we see and forget everyday

We walk to Hard Rock Café,

Past the lovely Intercontinental where I stayed one summer

Through the windows,I will show him the tables I had breakfast on

At the Cookbook Café

and we will catch a glimpse of the friendly waiter whose name I don’t quite remember

We will walk to Hard Rock Café

Wait to be seated under the Springsteen guitar

we most likely will have a few beers

For he likes beer

And perhaps a cocktail

as we listen to the best of rock

He will talk about the match I know

And how awesome it was

I will agree, of that I am sure


In my mind, I will recall my first summer in London,

At the same Corner

And smile.

We will thank the friendly waiter at Hard Rock

And walk out into the chillness of the evening in May

And walk as slowly as possible to Trafalgar

Past the Apsley House on the left

And Ritz Carlton on the right

My strutting feet will stop to admire the cakes in the window

Of my favourite Café Concerto

He suggests we have a pastry

I say ‘no, let’s keep walking,’

To which he says ‘let’s have a pastry baby,’

And I say okay.

We berry lovers will choose a berry pastry

‘Please allow me to bring it to your table mah-dahm,’ the waiter will say

His cufflinks shining, his bow straight

I smile at my lovely man and he kisses my head

Oh I love pastries and this moment is so sweet

I will tell him I want to learn baking,

Bake pastries for him one evening,

And as I speak I will take pictures of the lovely pastries and my love

For I love both subjects


We will emerge into the chillness once again

And naturally embrace each other for it dawns on us both

How beautiful is this moment

And there, outside Café Concerto and under the yellow lights

We kiss, ever so gently, once again

With his hand around my waist and mine around his,

We will walk to that magical spot near the Circus

with Anteros watching over us

we sit on the fountain steps …


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This entry was posted on May 27, 2013 by in Something Like Poetry.

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