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Why hadn’t you paid the electricity bills?


Context: I was at Hard Rock Calling, Hyde Park last year in July when the Park police plugged out Springsteen before he finished his gig. It was a great disappointment to all who were there. Hard Rock Calling that features one main artist every year has never brought back the same artist twice consecutively, but they do now – to honour The Boss and let him finish what he started here. So, Springsteen plays again and this time, will not leave without signing off. All good. But my dear friend Denis empathizes with me, he believes I should be taken back to Hard Rock Calling this year because I have some unfinished business too with Springsteen. So he wrote this following open letter on my behalf. Mr Springsteen, you listening?

Hi Mr Spielberg

You don’t know me yet, though you will as you read this and may hope you didn’t when you’ve finished.

My name is Mubin, an Indian girl from Hyderabad (lets’ say, India’s Chicago with a dash of New York). Last summer I cheated in a competition in my local Hard Rock Cafe and won the prize – an all-expenses-paid round-trip to see you play in London.

What a dream combination, my all-time favourite singer -namely, yours truly, I mean, your good self- and my all-time favourite writer’s city -Dickens’s London!

I kept a blog during the run-up to the big day in the wonderful Hyde Cemetary, and millions of my fans followed my online account spellbound. It wasn’t just a celebration for me – I was present on behalf of billions of fortunate Indians who luckily will never see you perform live.
On the day itself I kept a running commentary on your every move… Until they pulled the plug on you and Sir George Macarthur in mid concert. Why hadn’t you paid the electricity bills? You know very well that you are infamous for playing too long and boring people to death! You should have known that your PA system was consumed too much electricity and was damaging to the environment. You should have paid your taxes and we could have heard you finish your torture. What a relief it would have been! But no, you left us all in mid torture and my soul’s ears need closure from the pain you inflicted on both me and them.

Nearly another year has passed and I am trying to cheat in another competition at the Hyderabad Hard Rock Cafe to come to see you again in my Dickensian London.

But they refuse to pick me as the winner. Please, for Dickens’s sake, can you use your American Hard Rock influence in India to get me chosen for the plane & concert tickets. My ears & my heart need the satisfaction of watching you finish the excruciating torture you imposed on me last year.

If you do this for me I promise to get your name right in my Blog and make you famous in India when I have totally lambasted your next concert


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