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A Front-Page Story


If I am not abrest with the trends that run among my intellectual peers, I’d like to be told so, for starting this morning, I’ve begun to worry. Though I should by all means be disgusted by now with the continuous, senseless streaming of every tiny bit of news concerning the very hyped beauty of The Duchess of Cambridge and all things related to the subject, I am not particularly aversed. I take pride in my tolerance which hasn’t been lost despite the greatest of challenges. But I stood dangerously close to jeopardizing this very tolerance today when I opened the newspaper this morning.

‘Kate Middleton has a taste for Indian Curry,’ is a front-page headline, highlighted in a box on my national newspaper. I have never quite understood this box business, what are these boxes, no one ever told me. Are they only meant to highlight a story, and if so, shouldn’t the story be great enough 1. to be on the front page and 2. to be deserving of a box and my damned attention? If yes, I wonder which sorry, senseless, brain in the editorial world decided that his ridiculous judgement wouldn’t leave his reader in great anger and disgust.

Maybe that’s not the case, let’s say the box stuff is meant to lighten the mood of a heavy-front page. But if that’s the reason, a sane, meaningful reason, why then is my blood boiling and thirsty for that of the editors’ who thought reading about a Duchess’ culinary taste would amuse me and brighten my dull morning. Why is it that the most obvious reason so miserably fails?

Perhaps that’s not the reason. You see what I am doing here is contemplate, consider and analyze every possible other reason why this super enlightened editor thought the story is so important because I like to hold editors in high regard though fully aware that a great number of them could be absolute nincompoops, a very apparent reason why our media is so pitiable today. Still, lets give him a chance.

Could it be that the curry story is not really only about the curry but the glorious status of an ordinary immigrant couple that is so well received, admired and loved by the exalted Duchess – the royalty, thereby proving that the United Kingdom is a very-immigrant friendly country, a harbinger of peace and example of tolerance – and this oddity therefore is a headline story?

Should that be the reason, I’d condemn this editor even more bitterly but state his lack of judgement as the reason for my disgust than to put him at the risk of having a country loathe his stupidity for linking this story with immigrant acceptance in the UK. I am sure the editor would plead me to do the same.

Despite thinking so hard and with much analysis, I can’t fathom why the ‘taste’ of a woman my age, transformed overnight into royalty as a result of being chosen for matrimonial purposes by someone else a little older than me who is only born into a celebrated family should be of any importance at all. Who are these people anyway and why should I bother about their liking for Indian curry or fashion statements or their tongue-slips or love stories? Why, really? How have they helped my country? Served my people? Why is anything about them of interest to me? More importantly, their taste for curry!

And what was this editor thinking? Chances are, he wasn’t thinking.


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This entry was posted on May 13, 2013 by in Everyday Stories.

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