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What This Donkey Tells Me About S&OP

My affections for the Equus africanus asinus has never been a secret. I use the scientific name just here to make this blogpost intelligent enough to survive the ‘first 10 … Continue reading

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Dream New Dreams by Jai Pausch

This book isn’t hard to pick if one has read ‘The Last Lecture’ and loves Randy. My expectation from the book was to know more of Randy’s last days, how … Continue reading

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Of Memory and Mnemonics

I have been particularly smitten with graphs lately and therefore do not find it difficult to think of my situation as corresponding to the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve. I intend to … Continue reading

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An Imagined Evening in London

Dear London, all I want for today is to be at your Wembley’s with this someone I know who wishes just the same. This someone who now makes my everyday … Continue reading

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Upon Being an Accidental Pg3 Socialite

Upon Being an Accidental Pg3 Socialite He asked ‘Sir, Madam, photo please,’ We were all feeling great, our hair dancing to breeze And hence we went ‘umm, okay’ and said … Continue reading

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Let’s Begin the Writing

My biggest dream came true and I haven’t written about it yet. There’s no reason but fear. Fear that I wouldn’t do justice to my stories, that once written, the … Continue reading

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What ‘Planning’ Means to Me

I never mentioned my day job did I? The reason I keep this blog is so I can read it when I am too old and amnesiac, or if I … Continue reading

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Why hadn’t you paid the electricity bills?

Context: I was at Hard Rock Calling, Hyde Park last year in July when the Park police plugged out Springsteen before he finished his gig. It was a great disappointment … Continue reading

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To The Black Ant That I Squashed Today

Dear Ant, I squashed you. In a second you were gone. Is there anything I can tell you that won’t make this apology of mine seem ridiculously insensitive? For no … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

Okay, so you have a mother? Everybody does. She who has been a good mom is an angel, every good mum is an angel. Yours is, mine is. She who … Continue reading

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A Front-Page Story

If I am not abrest with the trends that run among my intellectual peers, I’d like to be told so, for starting this morning, I’ve begun to worry. Though I … Continue reading

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