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Dear ‘The Charles Lamb’


Dear ‘The Charles Lamb,’

I hope Spring is preparing itself for a pleasant stay at London this year, and that it won’t be too late in its arrival. I hope your benches outside are ready to listen to bird songs and secret stories.

I wish I could tell you what favor our beloved Charles Lamb has done to me, enriched my growing years and their solitude with his honesty, simplicity and beauty. It still amazes me how the being of a man that lived in a forgotten time brings such amusement and warmth to me, a foreigner, two hundred years later – lost in another such time that will soon be forgotten.

You, ‘The Charles Lamb’ make this unreal part of me real – you bring me home to my inner self. You know ‘The Charles Lamb’ is a great establishment even in an entrepreneurial sense besides anything else – a glorious English pub. In addition to all your success,  you ‘The Charles Lamb,’ are a massive part of my life, a testimony to my belief – that love is the most powerful thing in the world.

For an ordinary clerk that I am, there cannot be any reason larger than my love for you that took me to your wonderful counter last July and again in December when your Hobby recognized me, I still don’t know how! Not only did he recognize me, he made me more welcome – he’s your human voice. Hobby will never know what gift he has presented me with by creating you, and in December he gifted me more precious things – The Charles Lamb souvenirs, stickers and a badge that I so proudly wear whenever I miss London. I am sure you plotted it all, you make the people around you so warm and friendly, it is your energy that we all reflect. No wonder you are forever surrounded by the nicest people in London.

I love how I love everything about you – every big and small thing. The ‘Map Room’ should be on London’s map for it’s stunning brilliance. I could sit there and admire that hand-drawn map forever and the Oranges and Lemons thing, sweet! This also is a room our Charles Lamb’d love to spend time in with friends Wordsworth, Keats, Coleridge, Southey. I imagine them all in that room, and an amused Charles smiling at the disbelief of having a pub named after him! He wouldn’t miss congratulating you for the brilliant board-work over the doorway to the restrooms that celebrates his most intelligent quote – the one about his unmistakable punctuality  Perhaps he should invite his colleagues at the East India Co. for a drink, for a pint of The Charles Lamb beer, afterall, here’s one thing to show-off, an extraordinary thing. He’d maybe want to invite all of London, every acquaintance, every friend, every potato-seller, chimney sweeper and the likes. There couldn’t be a better, more fitting sign. The silhouette of Lamb as a humble, delightful Englishman. Thank you Rob Ryan for doing the sign and our man such justice.

I love your people, oh your people! Can I imagine any other place where hangs over the bar counter a dull, Indian note from a very boring visitor? A kind bar-tender said he’d leave it there for me when I handed it to him in July, a poor gift to the pub from me. My heart melted to find my paltry gift still hanging there over the bar counter in December last year. I love your warmth dear TCL as I love the warmth I feel on the pages of my copy of Essays by Elia. I love you as I love Elia.

To have The Charles Lamb beer at The Charles Lamb pub on Elia Street which Charles Lamb must have himself walked across, is a dream I held dearly. That it came true is a testimony – dreams turn into reality on fine summer afternoons and cold winter evenings, a sign that one must always dream and believe in the beauty and romance of their dreams.

I measure my life in the stories I gather, how extraordinary is this moment that I am writing to you – my precious acquaintance, how extraordinary that I am friends with a place that honours my beloved writer – a living, breathing place.

I am sure you will never find it difficult to recognize the meaning behind your existence ~ but should you ever find yourself wondering – please remember that among other things, you are here for me, to illuminate the life of an ordinary girl who counts ‘The Charles Lamb’ among the best of her life’s stories – you are not just a public house in London’s beautiful neighbourhood but a fort in my heart that makes me look forward to life with belief in possibility. You, The Charles Lamb  help me understand better what our dear Charles Lamb said ‘Let us live for the beauty of our own reality.’

Thank you! Thank you for your love, Charles Lamb couldn’t have a better friend, how he would love you and for that reason and more I will always admire you greatly. I will forever cherish each minute spent on your tables, with your people, with Charles Lamb.


A fan.


One comment on “Dear ‘The Charles Lamb’

  1. Preeti
    April 9, 2013

    I felt as if I am at the pub reading this. Wonderful!

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