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What kind of a writer are you?

now1Today someone asked me ‘what kind of a writer are you?’

I am the kind of writer who often writes about emotions, of what people do when they are happy or sad or anything that they don’t know they are. I often write about happy stories and also just as often write the sad because as I live life, I find it a good mix of both. I believe I am the writer who is not afraid to write about the naked truth.

I am the kind of writer who is curious about imagination. What are those worlds that you inhabit that others around you have no idea of? Where is it that you escape to even for a minute or two and come back feeling like you have just lived the most wonderful few minutes of your life! I am curious about that space in your mind that is wholly, completely, truly, indisputably – only your world.

I am the kind of writer who wonders if I could write about anything that is unreal in my world – emotions I can’t feel, people I don’t see or things I can’t imagine. I wonder if I can write about murder or the beauty of love-making or maybe about pink guava sundae because I have never had one. I wonder if I could write anything that is untrue to me. I wonder if I can ever fake a feeling that even imagination fails to bring upon me.

I am the kind of writer who doesn’t seem to experiment a lot with wild mixing, churning, playing and marrying of thoughts and it bothers me a little bit for I want to be wild in my writing, as wild as the horse that runs like wind and like it may never halt.

I am the kind of writer who is honest
though by no means the best
I write to express
but it also makes me smile if I can impress
I write to feed myself some love
often times I don’t know how
that my writing brings upon me smile
as my emotions pile
but it also always happen so
that my writing is my worst foe
for sometimes I hate it
and I cannot take it…
that I am a writer poor,
of this I am sure
yet I can never stop writing
little notes
just about anything and anywhere I could.

I believe I am blessed with this gift, of not really being a good writer but a writer that cannot stop writing – no matter what it is I write – magic or tragic, good or bad, happy or sad but always honest.


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This entry was posted on January 24, 2013 by in Something Like Poetry.

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