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The author of this story is likely to forget my name by the time she puts this picture here while I am most likely to remember her all my life. I asked her if I could call her ‘sister’ and she said she wouldn’t mind it – that made me smile. I come from a village of 2000 people, very small by Indian standards. I lived there all my life and graduated with B.Com, Telugu medium. I moved to this town Tirupati, four hours away from my home, in search of a job and found one as a waitress. I have been independent and employed for six months now.

I like my job but I wish to do something bigger, more respectable and without a uniform. Though my mother is supportive of me, my father is oblivious to the fact that I work as a waitress in this town. I thinks I work as a typist. It’s only after moving to this town that I learnt that there are no typists anywhere – it’s all computers now, I hope my father doesn’t realize that too soon. I feel bad about cheating him with this lie. I share my concern with my boss, a nice person who tells me that this is the age of progress and I shouldn’t be judgmental about being a waitress and that most people with hotel management degrees want to do what I do. I feel proud when my boss says that but I still wish to study more – learn computers and English. English feels powerful, I think I will be even more confident when I learn to speak it.

Most visitors of the restaurant where I work are pilgrim tourists and are generally nice but some who make a special mention of me and praise me in the feedback form are the nicest. Sometimes it makes my boss wonder if I ask them to write nice lines about me – that’s really funny because I don’t. Some say that I am pleasant and have a nice smile.

I want to do a great deal with my life. I hope it all turns out good.

Thanks for reading my story while the author still struggles to recall my name.


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This entry was posted on January 24, 2013 by in Everyday Stories.

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