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Hey Listen…

now1(whisper) umm… is there anyway, you guys, you words in these books, can crawl out of your homes and fly through my head, you can perch there forever if you want to or keep flying in the sky of my head?… can I tell you a story to bring you out of these pages or sing to you the sweetest song from 17th century or feed you some chocolate cake or sprinkle coconut water on you? Crawl out dear words, my sky needs you.


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This entry was posted on January 24, 2013 by in Fleeting Thoughts.

Fighting An Additction

Not One MoreSeptember 12th, 2014
Addiction is a curse one allows upon one's self until it ceases to seek permission. I do not like the idea of a mind controlled by substance. If I can refrain for 30 days, I'd be very impressed with myself.

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