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These days I have been thinking about courage. The courage to face the world despite my worst fears, of opening my heart a little bit and letting anyone who is curious take a peek, the courage to listen to the voice from the depth of my heart and ask ‘what is it you want my dear heart,’ and follow it – no matter how strange, how difficult and how naked. Today is the day I honour and respect my heart above any other faculty, above any conformity.

This dear little (or not so little) moth made its way into an office of over a 100 people, all lost in their computers coding away or fixing bugs or sneaking into a moment of pleasure or enlightenment. The unlikely visitor gathered only a little attention. It was terrified as you can say from the over-aggressive flapping of its wings. The intrepid intruder caught the attention of a dreamer who tried to calm it, took it in his hands and gave it some of his warmth, he let it be there on his palm for as long as it pleased, all the while whispering ‘it’ll be okay.’ I wish the moth could hear him, sometimes that’s all it takes to gather the courage to shed fear – ‘It’ll be okay.’ Your fears will go away, you will once again learn to believe and very soon you will be at ease with the rhythm of the world around you. Love is everywhere, it takes only a little courage to share. You have a unique place in the world that cannot be replaced by any other. If the flapping of a butterfly’s wings can cause an earthquake somewhere, your flapping could signal the end of the world – you are more powerful than you know.


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This entry was posted on January 24, 2013 by in Everyday Stories.

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