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Questions Everyone Must Ask Themselves

now1… or so says Oprah and I love questionnaires.

Who do I yell at in the quiet of my head?

If I had shingles, who would I call who might make me feel the tiniest bit better?

What’s the one thing that nobody knows about me?
That I clip my fingernails when nervous and slit the skin on my calves when my grief’s gets too hard to bear. I hate being on my phone – talking or messaging, I just hate having a phone except for the music.

When was the last time I laughed until root beer came out of my nose?
Two minutes ago, as I watched this ->

Do I have one little doable thing that always makes me happy?
Yes. Write.

Why don’t I do more of the above?
Because I am often not proud of my writing

Did I take on ____________ just to get ____________ to love me?
Did I take on dieting just to get the crowd to love me?

How often does my body scream, “you’re a crazy lady!”?
Everyday. Many times in a day.

Would I trust my partner to choose a nursing home for me?
There’s no partner.

When do I make people afraid of me?
When angry. When sad. When in love.

Will I be able to retire without moving to another country?
I live in the cheapest country and yet not confident of getting by (lol).

Am I being my best self in my romantic relationships?
Don’t know about best but truest, yes.

If I pretended for six months that I couldn’t buy anything that cost more than $150, could I do it?

Can I stop being critical for just two weeks?

What do I lie about?
My optimism.

Can I name one thing I’m really, really good at?

Do I make others feel bad if they’re not good at this one thing?
Everyone’s good at it, there’s no other way of doing it.

Am I meant to be doing something greater?


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