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Love, Belarus

Artur gets out of bed at 3 am every morning and works on the farm until 9 am and goes back to work again from 3 pm to 6 pm. It’s hard work. When writing a couch request to Artur, I told him that I’d be happy to help him on the farm to which he replied that it is dirty and hard work. I couldn’t have imagined how hard.

If I were Artur – given the exhaustion, I wouldn’t be able to do anything between 9 am and 3 pm other than sleeping. But the previous evening Artur said he wouldn’t mind going to Carlisle with me to go around the city and also go to the Carlisle Tourist Information centre to figure out how to reach Windermere, Hadrian’s Wall and Edinburgh. I was excited about going to the city. While Artur worked on the farm, I strolled a little bit around the farm that sunny morning and was delighted to be greeted by a friendly looking man on a tractor. I remember Artur mentioning the farm owner Charlie – this gentleman seemed so ‘Charlie’! He asked me if I could sleep at all with the cows mooing all night right beside my bedroom window on the caravan – I told him I didn’t mind it one bit and slept like a baby. He then told me of a river which is 30 minutes away from the farm, on foot. ‘Maybe Artur can take you there,’ he said. I thanked him for the suggestion and kept walking.

I returned to the caravan a little before 8:30 for I wanted to make french toast for my host. Artur never had french toast he said. I enjoyed making those though I am rarely in the kitchen. Artur seemed to enjoy them – he took the recipe from me so that’s proof enough! I could see that he was tired so I made a change in plan.

Me: ‘Let’s skip Carlisle today. Somebody on the farm, maybe it was Charlie, told me that there’s a river closeby, shall we go there instead?’

Artur liked the idea. ‘We can go to the river, I have been there once.’

Artur: ‘So we are not going to Carlisle? Then I will relax a little bit’

Relaxing meant playing the guitar and some Belarusian songs – perfect!


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