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In My Mailbox Today


This picture postcard with the following story on the other side, arrived in my mailbox today.

“I went on many great journeys. I flew over the brooks, ate the sweetest fruits from the most beautiful of orchards, met wonderful slender weeds, befriended many more fellow travellers. I closed my eyes and kept flying ahead with the wind in my feathers, with the cool blue sky over my head and the green grass beneath. I sang and I danced. I listened to the wisdom of the old banyan trees and relished the silence of the oaks. I smelt the fragrance of the nectareous princesses of blissful gardens. And slept in the embrace of chivalric woods.

And now, I see you. I see your magnificence, I feel your power and I sense the toughness of the challenge. I know you are here for a purpose – to frighten me. But I also know I have to go on. I have a purpose too – to reach my destination.

You are mighty and powerful. You have the ability to stop me, break me and step back. That is, if I let you. But your power is not stronger than the warmth of my blood which runs in me. I have a heart, which is the size of a piece of gravel at your foot. But inside the heart is a desire to win. I have a brain no bigger than a slightly larger piece of gravel but inside it is the determination to keep moving ahead. My desire and determination are stronger than the strength of the rocks on your body. Im only a bird, but I have life inside me and I will live it with the respect life deserves. I breathe in hope and breathe out fear. My purpose is to defeat your might and strength to reach my destination where awaits my beatitude.

I refuse to be afraid of you. I refuse to let fear take me over. I refuse to step back. I refuse to let you win.
You are only a mountain, I have volcanoes to cross. The volcanoes are just volcanoes, I have oceans to fly over. And the oceans are just oceans… I have fear to conquer. I have conquered my fear. I have already conquered you. I only need to keep flying which I will do with a smile, after all, I have won already.

” This is my hope and my only comfort, to fly unto Thee in all tribulation, and not succumb to the forces of temptation and fear which are not mightier than the blood in my veins and the resolution in my heart”


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This entry was posted on January 23, 2013 by in Everyday Stories.

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