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Rabies and Vampires

On our walk to Longtown for some food and drink, Artur exclaimed ‘Look!!!’ When I looked in that direction I think I saw a tail of a dog-like animal.

Did you see? That was a fox.

A fox!!!!!!!

Now I have never seen a fox before except in the zoos so I didn’t know what my reaction should be. It’s not a like a lion or a tiger you know but then it’s also not just a dog. What would a fox do to me? Do foxes kill humans? Would it get aggressive with me? Would it call its pack to kill me? It’s unnecessary to think so hard, I will just as Artur.

Me: ‘Would a fox kill me?’

Artur: ‘No, unless it has rabies’

Me: ‘What! Fox and rabies?’

Artur: ‘Of course’

Me: ‘And is rabies rampant here? Are rabid dogs and foxes in this area?

Artur: ‘I don’t know, there can be’

The danger of walking with a veterinarian is that they suspect the worse. Earlier in the evening when Artur got fresh cow milk to the caravan, he said he always boils it – ‘humans can die of unboiled milk, I can tell you half a dozen diseases that one can get just by having milk without boiling it,’ he said.

Me: ‘So what do I do if I am walking alone and come across a fox.’

Artur: ‘They usually don’t mess with humans, but if it gets aggressive just hit it with this umbrella.’

Convinced and comfortable now with that bit of advice, I thought no further of foxes. But Artur brought up rabies.

Artur: “I see a connection between rabies and vampires. Vampires must originally be rabid humans.

Look at the similarities

– Rabid animals are aggressive, vampires are aggresive

– The most basic and strongest instinct of rabid animals is to bite someone, the same with vampires

– Rabid animals can’t tolerate the sound of water, neither can vampires

– Rabid animals are super hyper, so are rabid humans and vampires.

– Rabid animals have red eyes, vampires are believed to have red eyes.

Artur then told me of an aunt who once visited a hospital in Belarus which had a ward for humans with rabies. The aunt told Artur that nobody went close to them and food was passed on plates, through the gates. Nobody collected the metal plates back – the patients would break or distort them with their bare hands.

‘Imagine, metal plates. Can you imagine the pain?’

Though I had just finished reading ‘Of Love and Other Demons’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, I never thought so deeply of rabies.


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