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Thalatta Thalatta!

I am longing for the sea. I am neither a sailor nor a merchant adventurer nor blessed enough to be a fisherwoman. But I am longing to hear the sound of waves, to feast my eyes upon a powerful expanse of water, water and only water for as far as the eye can see. I am longing to be overwhelmed by its power. To have the taste of sea salt and despair in my mouth.

I am longing for its frothy waves to fill my heart with an unknown, unexplainable bliss. Longing to feel warm sand under my feet and the touch of cool waters on my skin. How I wish I could take off on a ship and not know its destination. To lie on its deck staring at the sky while I know my being floats on the Lord’s most beautiful creation of unconquerable power and indescribable beauty and under me float lives and secrets nobody can ever know.

How I long for you Thalatta like I had once known you and we shared a story but in truth are as far as the sky and you… or are we? One may call it an illusion and maybe it is, but a hopeful heart sees the sky and you embrace each other beyond the horizon of eternity. I believe him who said Beauty is Truth,Truth Beauty and I know you are close to me and maybe we also share a story.



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