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Quotable Quotes – London and Oxford.

“Bruce Springsteen is playing, he better be your only favourite” – Immigration Officer at Heathrow airport when asked which is my favourite band at the HRC Calling 2012 and I said ‘Lady Antebellum.’

“Do you wish to move to the UK as I guess many Indians wish to?” – Concierge at HIC (my answer: never thought about it, as many Indians don’t)
“It’s raining, you should stand in the shelter, it will ruin your hair” – a bouncer at King’s Arms Pub, Shepherd Street, London.
“Will I see you again tomorrow Madame?” – waiter at the Cookbook Cafe.
“Oh it’s raining, how perfect! Anyone will go to a park on a sunny day, fuck that” – Soundgarden at Hyde Park
“That band is terrible, they are awful, they give me a feeling like I just licked my own crotch” – some Ted Bear at the HRC Calling Concert
“And then there are these things called cell phones. Men, please take your cell phones and throw them in the river there, ladies – you may switch them off and write your numbers and give them to me for future reference” – the Beefeater at Tower of London.
“What did I do to deserve all these wonderful gifts?” – a couchsurfer who went around London with me for a day, when I gave her a few gifts.
“I am not spending 7 pounds on lunch, no way” – a German in London.
“Here’s your ticket to the Keats House Museum, you can come back as many times as you wish until next year” – a lady at the Keats House Museum, Hampstead, London.
“People go to the regular touristy places in London like the boring Westminster Abbey, I want to take you to Camden, it’s different and awesome you know” – a Pakistani in London. We did go, in her convertible Merc.
“I see some new faces in the crowd and some old faces. As we grow older, we see more and more new faces and the old faces seem to fade away. This song is for all the old faces I see and recognize here in the crowd.” – Bruce Springsteen.
“Who the fuck did that?” “Bloody fuck” “Fuckin’ Shit” “What the fuck?” – people at the Bruce Springsteen concert when Springsteen was plugged out.
“I love these museum shops, there’s something magical about buying things from museum shops” – Catharine.
“I love this challenge of going to random places that are special for others, let’s go find your Charles Lamb grave, I am interested now” – Catharine.
“It’s nice to know so much about Lamb from you. It is lovely meeting you, have a wonderful holiday” – two ladies walking a beautiful dog in a graveyard in Edmonton where Lamb is burried.
“Have you been into an old London home? I’d be happy to show you mine, it’s over 100 years old” – a kind man in a pub in London.
“I played football, I no longer do” – someone I later (upon googling) realized was a celebrity football player.
“You are bloody intense” – an interesting Irish man in a pub.
“Start writing about your travels, you have interesting stories to tell” – Georgina Harding, my hero.
“There was one such man who spent a few months alone at the north pole and I happened to read about him in Tranquebar” – Georgina Harding
“How did you ever find my email id?” – Georgina Harding
“I was just about to ask that, did you go to the Keats House Museum, it’s nice, isn’t it?” – Georgina Harding.
“It was good to be nominated for the Orange Prize and better still not to win it. It was good because when you are nominated you get all the publicity you want but to win it means writing what the publishers want you to write, there’s this pressure you know. I met this Turkish writer, this lady with brilliant English who is more popular as a writer in Turkish. She says she wants to write in English but she is expected to write in Turkish. ” – Georgina Harding.
“Yes, Elif Shafak” – Georgina Harding.
“You should write a book, I am sure you will make a great writer” – wife of the Dean of Christ Church College, Oxford.
“Girls, just don’t check into the B&B up the road called Nanford, anything else is fine” – a sweet lady in Oxford as we went around looking for a B&B.
“May I ask where you are from? because you call a ‘changing room’ a ‘trial room’ I guess you are not from around here.”  – an employee at Primark, Oxford.

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