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Dear Imagine Café,

It’s amazing how you are a person and a place. You are the beautiful mind of a beautiful human being I know, that sheltered and fed both my friend and me – two girls in a foreign country. You are a place that gave me warmth on a cold evening one summer in England. You are magic. You took me to places in my head that I never knew existed before.  You amazed me, you inspired me to wander alone on the streets of unknown cities, took me to beaches where children played and girls laughed, into the darkness of a woman’s tears, into the sunshine of playful art by a children’s illustrator whom you love so much.

That evening you took me closer to things about life that I so love. To kindness, which is the most wonderful thing in the world, to your dreams which are resplendent and alive, to hope of a wonderful world where pain is shared, wonder cherished, love relished, friendships treasured and imagination celebrated. I love how you are now a secret known only to my best friend and Me but I don’t want to be selfish in being the one one to know your brilliance. I wish you get great love from great many people. I wish you continue to inspire minds with your amusing eccentricity and unlikely brilliance. And as you get more and more love, I hope you will always remember this friend of yours.

I love you dear Imagine Café for giving me a memorable time of peace though amidst the greatest cacophony of sounds that a family of hopeful hearts make.




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This entry was posted on November 20, 2012 by in Love-Letters.

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