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Deafening Silence

An oxymoron that gives me chills. Silence they say is golden, but did they tell us that it is true only when your mind is calm and peaceful enough to think of it golden? Silence is a million things, different to different people. To me, its a little close to torture. Silence I found, brings out the voices in my head that keep talking all day but are usually lost in the din of noise surrounding me every hour – TV at home, sounds of the street, empty talks, the noisy fan in the bedroom, these are my saviours.  Silence is dangerous, it makes these voices loud enough for me to realize they are saying something but with so many of them talking all at once, it’s hard to decipher what they are saying. The volume of these voices keeps rising as the duration of silence lengthens and then comes the time when the voices shout, they are more than audible, they are unbearable. The volume grows and grows inside me and there comes a moment when surrounded by silence for hours, I try to close my ears to shut those voices up. But alas, I cant shut my mind  and the voices keep talking until I borrow some other noise from music or listen to a friend or other people talking. Silence could deafen me someday.


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This entry was posted on November 20, 2012 by in Fleeting Thoughts.

Fighting An Additction

Not One MoreSeptember 12th, 2014
Addiction is a curse one allows upon one's self until it ceases to seek permission. I do not like the idea of a mind controlled by substance. If I can refrain for 30 days, I'd be very impressed with myself.

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