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Catharine the Coolest

I met Catharine in Hyderabad through Couchsurfing, so she isn’t a stranger I was meeting in London for the first time. I almost know Catharine as a friend, we met only once in Hyderabad but have been Facebook friends since, hence I know Catharine quite well but not well enough to know how so absolutely, amazingly cool she is!

I woke Catharine up from her Sunday late morning sleep, not only did she not mind it, she was at my hotel in less than 40 minutes! All the way from Brick Lane. She spen an entire day with me – a Sunday in that! Sunday is the only day her boyfriend is home. Mark had to be alone all of that day because she was with me.
Meeting Catharine was special because she’s the first person to take me to Hard Rock Cafe Hyderabad which I kept frequenting since, so in a way – Catharine is part of the reason why I was in London.
Randy Pausch whom I admire very much said that it is wonderful to achieve one’s dreams but as one gets older, it is even more fun to enable others to achieve their dreams. In that one day, Catharine helped me realize three of my life’s biggest, really massive dreams and I can never thank her enough for that.
What those dreams are and how they came true will be detailed in the next three, separate blogs but first about Catharine and the first few hours of my terrific Sunday with her.  I took an instant, new liking to her when she told me that she loves museum shops and buying things from there, but that later proved to be a little heavy on us as we both bought many things from the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum.
I admired her even more when Catharine did something so logically brilliant! Though I am unsure if I will ever be as cool as her to do anything like that. At the Natural History Museum, Catharine wanted a little bit of a chocolate cake, I couldn’t share any with her because I had already taken a lemon cake which was huge. So Catharine just got her chips and we looked around for a table. We found one which had just been cleared but there still was someone’s plate on the table that the waiter was clearing. Catharine took the leftover chocolate cake from the waiter, much to his shock.
The logic: the cake is fresh, if I don’t have it it will go straight into trash, it’s just the right amount of cake I want and I kissed quite a handful of random men before – I don’t think this person who left the cake will have any diseases that I will die from.
I don’t know how many people will understand this logic and appreciate it but I do.
Also, Catharine got me hooked to sea-salt and vinegar chips – that’s so British! (she said) and for the rest of my trip, sea-salt and vinegar potato chips was my most-purchased item. (Gosh I miss those!)

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