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Mood: Warmth and loneliness, sibling love and the loss of the head of the family, silly parties and the smell of fresh bread and cheese in a dream-like boulangerie, on my first real journey of a ship, of shameless puking and hurtful parting, of those first days in a foreign land, the nobleness in volunteering for a church on Christmas night and the affections of a man in a Christmas present, of 1940s air, of the love for typing, evening classes, stockings, first job, of late night meals with boyfriend in Manhattan, of invitation to meet his family, of thoughts and letters from home, of a shattering news of death and of endless tears and first love, of a visit to a changed home, of unexpected new tidings, of a heart that tortures and a choice that needs to be made, of leaving home never to return again, of pain buried under a smile. This book is all that.

Post-reading Thought: Lifes tough and even tougher for middle class women with a loving family


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This entry was posted on November 20, 2012 by in Ex Libris.

Fighting An Additction

Not One MoreSeptember 12th, 2014
Addiction is a curse one allows upon one's self until it ceases to seek permission. I do not like the idea of a mind controlled by substance. If I can refrain for 30 days, I'd be very impressed with myself.

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