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The first pint is always special. I don’t really like beer though I tried for those who like it seem to share great bonds with it almost like family. Such bonding is interesting but I couldn’t succeed until my first pint at The Charles Lamb Pub in London. Now I like beer but only the Charles Lamb beer, maybe because it is so named?

Catharine and I got our pints and looked around for a table to sit, since there was none we sat at the table of these two Irish blokes and that’s how the epic evening began. Little did we know that these two random men will give me the coolest, fun filled evening of the handful I spent in London. A lot of talking, swearing and silly discussions followed. They told me about all things Irish and many stories, the one I remember very well was about this guy ‘Ben Dover’ which when pronounced sounds like bend-over and that irritated him. One of them was still recovering from an expensive separation and had a word of advice for me – don’t marry, ‘Oh but then you are a woman, you might want to!’

I don’t know what they honestly thought of my Lamb pilgrimage but they said it was cool that a 20 something year old goes gravehunting and then pub hunting on her first visit to London, all for one writer who didn’t atleast have a woman ‘not even an affair with a rich widow? Or atleast a poor one?.’

They were exceptionally nice with me and very sarcastic about Catharine – I thought that was rude but I soon realized that they were being friendlier with Catharine then me – it’s the British way she said. ‘If they are being sarcastic and saying rude things then they absolutely love you!” I wouldn’t have known!

They introduced me to the bartender, the bar manager, frequent visitors to the bar – ‘her first time in India, went to Lamb’s tomb and is now here for Lamb beer’ and in just over an hour I felt at home, a Londoner with a pub full of friends! Some from the US like this bunch here

This is the third dream that slipped into reality that wonderful day. I went to The Charles Lamb web page several times and imagined the place, today I was there, I always wanted a picture like this one – I imagined it in my head, now I can share that image with you, only it’s not as clear as it is in my head but gives an idea

The super friendly pub let me leave a souvenir from India – a currency note with a message and my signature, I must go back again to see if it still hangs there, pinned over the bar counter. If it doesn’t, I leave another one until next time.

And now for the coolest part. When I google search their names the next day, one of the strangers who almost became a friend that evening was a celebrity soccer player, now a coach for the same club he played for until a few years ago. A celebrity I didn’t know!


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