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A great deal of fictional characters have had a great deal of influence on me. The kind of fiction I read, the genre of ‘realism,’ is full of stories drawn from life. So these characters are definitely fictional, but their ghosts, their replications, their soul brothers/sisters are living on the face of this earth somewhere.

My ever wandering mind takes pleasure in visiting some of these characters from books long read, into my life for a few hours of amusement and joy brought by imagination. I have invited Puck for an afternoon at the park today. I chose the park knowing we would have the company of some hopeless lovers for I wanted to hear Puck say “Lord, What fools these mortals be!” and he did. It sounds a lot more hilarious in reality than in the Midsummer’s Night Dream.

I later took Puck to meet a special friend of mine battling depression, Gregor Samsa who has given up on life, abandoned society and who in turn got abandoned by his family. I told Puck we were going to see a human beetle and Puck should use his magic to make him a handsome man once again.

And so we went, Puck and I ,Puck singing old English songs. Puck used his charm and made Gregor laugh like he did when he was a little kid. Gregor, Puck and laughed all day, sometimes without much reason. And after all that laughter, Puck and I heard Gregor say what we were waiting to hear “Gosh, why am I a beetle? Life’s beautiful with just few songs and great jokes and lovely friends. Why did I ever turn into a beetle.. nothing can be so bad! It takes only a little laughter to make myself happy. Happy is what I will be. And not a happy beetle, but a happy man!!!”

Most often, it is only some good laughter and hope passed from one human being to other that can deter someone from suicide and depression. I truly believe Gregor would turn human again if there was some love and laughter brought into his life. I believe this works on any Gregor in the world – depressed and contemplating suicide. All it takes, is a little imagination to take a Puck into someone’s dark space, and fill it with hope.


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This entry was posted on November 20, 2012 by in Ex Libris.

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