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Dear Mr Sunshine

My dearest, dearest, dearest Vinay,You know how much I have cried and just how terribly. You have seen me long for you torturously, you have seen what the pain of not having you is doing to me and I am sure you are not the least happy about it. So, this my friend, will not be a sad letter. This will be a happy letter to you my dear Vinay because I know that’s what you want, what you should get and what you always gave me. Happiness. You sowed happiness for as long as you walked on this earth and so much that the seeds you sowed will never stop reaping smiles. I promise to till this land, try my best to reap more smiles that will spread across the world.

You have a lot of fun being happy, don’t you? What kindness and favour God did to me by giving you the sweetest smile. You must be tired of listening to people telling you just how adorably sweet, joyful and resplendent your smile is!  I love smiles just like you do. I love life just like you do and I will love it for you and no matter how hard it gets I will love it just the way you did.

You liked me ‘very much’ in school when I was only 3% crazy and eccentric. How much will you like me now that I am 73.3% crazy, eccentric and totally outrageous? You cannot love me more now because then or now, you loved me with all your heart and gave me the love of your entire universe. But yes, I am more fun now and not as boring as I was in school when you sent me little letters telling me you liked me and I never wrote back. I can now make you laugh non-stop for hours and would stop only if your mouth or stomach hurts from laughter. And I would weave a lot of memories with you, click a lot of pictures and flood you with love because my dear Vinay – you are the best thing that has happened to me. The best ‘est’ ever.

Is it possible that I can’t meet you or you won’t meet me when I am there where you are?! Isn’t that a joke?! I wouldn’t otherwise say it but I can’t wait to come up and meet you!! I hate it but you might have to wait another 30 years or so.  You will have to wait my dearest Vinay for I have so many things to do here and it’s your fault because you want me to do them – to travel, to write a book, to have a donkey for a pet, to live in a beach side house and to spread this lovely thing called ‘hope,’ that you gave me.

My dearest Vinay, I beg you to forgive me but I honestly wish from the depth of my heart that you don’t. I deserve this burning that I feel inside for not keeping in touch with you, for not trying to find you a little earlier and for being such a shameful friend. I burn inside, let me burn.

Sweet Vinay, Heaven will not be Heaven for me if I don’t see you there, if I can’t give you a massive, massive, massive bear hug and kiss your forehead like I dreamt of doing last night. I love you Vinay and you know just how much I do… I love you and my life is better because I met you.

Rainbows and Butterflies Forever,



P. S. I breathe your hope.


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