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Heart Children

My dearest heart children,

Someone told me that you are called ‘street children’ because you live on streets. That’s what they know. What they don’t know yet is that you live in hearts. You inhabit my heart. You run all over my heart, you swim in there, my heart is your real home and for that reason – you are my ‘heart children.’

Most times in my life, you are the reason I feel great joy and also intense, unforgiving pain. I wouldn’t ask for forgivance for I can’t be forgiven for seeing you all on the streets like that and not doing anything to change it. I am a grown-up, a 26 year old, fully grown adult, a human being that’s bestowed with everything one can possibly need and yet I am so defeated, so empty inside and such a lowly human being in that I let you exist as I run after my own existence.

There’s nothing one cannot do to change situations. Although many of my fellow beings and I are very bad examples of this, it is true that one can always change situations, we all have that power to bring in change in our lives, in our communities and in the world. I apologize to you all for not doing that and I can tell you that I wouldn’t consider this life of mine of any worth at all for this failure.

But I dream for you. I dream you have homes and be ripped off all those things that qualify you to be called ‘street children.’ I dream you go to schools and be blown away by the power of knowledge which you will see is as stunning as the most beautiful sunrise you have ever woken up to. I dream you will have sweet things to eat – like lovely cakes and delicious milk and cream-biscuits and wonderful breakfasts, lunches and dinners. I dream you will play in parks where you are not chased by the brutality of a heartless lawkeeper’s club but will dwell in a magical world that’s carpeted in grass and underneath which lie amazing secrets which even the grown-ups don’t know. I dream you will sleep on softbeads and under warm covers that will keep you from the harshness of nature. I dream you have a mommy and daddy who envelope you in their love, creating a spongeball all around you that absorbs anything that hurts you or makes you cry.

It is indeed rude on my part to dream of this paradise for you while you are lost to the unthinkable pain and circumstances, hungry, partially clothed, victims to the brutality of us humans, tortured and forgotten.

All I can give at the moment is love and prayer. I love you all to no end and I pray I am bestowed with opportunities to make my love more powerful, even if it should mean the death of me. If there’s any miraculous change I’d wish in my life, it is this – that I be there for you in any which way.

Last month, I bought a lot of crayon sets. I handed the first set of crayons to a little boy who tried to sell me ear-buds at the Khairatabad Traffic Signal. The kid gleamed with joy; left his sales endeavours, sat down on a divider and put his crayons to work immediately, scribbling away on the divider. His joy touched me, it was a magical moment and it’s my sincerest prayer to the universe to help me make more of such magic, to empower my fellow beings and me in putting more smiles on our ‘heart childrens’ faces – to give them a fair world where they will grow into bright, beautiful adults who will change how our street looks, with not one hungry person on it. Not one.

My true wish for each one of you is that you discover yourself. Do you know that you are mighty powerful? I wish you know that. I wish you know you are gifted in a unique way, you are beautiful and you are truly blessed with a streak of illumination that shines bright and when discovered and loved, will enlighten you, stun you and make this world and your life, a mindblowing experience. I really wish you a big, bright discovery, that’s what I wish for you – deeply, truly.




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