Traveling Raconteur

Hola! Hope you're smiling :)

Tassology, yes.

Oh what happiness you have got me my dear tea leaves! I seldom get intoxicated with anything but thy have gripped me! The please and apprehension knowing one’s present and future by the pattern of a residue of tea leaves is so interesting! I don’t remember a time when I enjoyed my cup of herbal tea more than this evening or morning at 2 am! My cup of tea made more interesting by you – tassology! I have just chanced upon you and I know there’s so much to come, so much googling that I will do, so much reading up, so much of tea-leaves reading practice!

Do I believe in you? Of the things you show me at the bottom of my cup and their symbolic interpretation, oh yes I do! Just because I want to and I love the idea and the beauty surrounding it.

I am delighted to have discovered you! And so much exploration now remains and much study. Yes, I am serious, I am soon going to grab a book on you. What I can’t wait to get it is my own set of tassographic tea-set, lovely cups and saucers and kettle made in ceramic, I also can’t wait to get myself a collection of interesting teas – lemon, lavendar, rose, camomille, green, herbal and some more of the orange pekoe I just had. I can’t wait to invite friends for tea and read them there tasso pattern.

Tempted with the knowledge, albeit just a little, I gathered over the last few hours, I just did read my own pattern. I think I saw a horse, a bird and a tortoise in the leaves at the bottom of my cup and though the dictionary of symbols tells me that horse suggests desires fulfilled through a prosperous journey and bird is a sacred sign and tortoise means wisdom that will dawn on me with experience – I believe all this collectively means I need to be a little patient to invite and enjoy the gifts that will come to me.

I am giggling with amusement at my first tasso-reading. I am already in love with you!

Raising the next cup of tea,



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