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Booking a Laughter Partner for Life

Dearest Sirisha,

I am so thrilled to be writing to you! I can feel the excitement in the tips of my fingers, waiting to scribble endless lines of how mesmerized I am by your energy and generosity. It happens rarely like most  precious things in life that I feel delectable excitement in my head when I come across someone irresistibly interesting and with a possibility of a deep, inspiring friendship. You are the reason for my excitement right now. I am listening to Strauss’ Don Quixote as I write this – a testimony to my upbeat mood which is a result of our long sms’ chat last night that sent me into ripples of laughter as mom watched me without a clue and the lovely weather I woke up to this morning. I love writing love letters in a mood as wonderful as this and I am so glad to be writing it to you!

How delighted I am to meet you Sirisha! It was your lighthearted yet genuinely sweet humor that endeared me to you initially over frivolous Facebook updates and comments. And what an instant connection it was when you showed up in person – a beautiful gesture for your best friend.

You amazed me with your attitude, standing by me as I sneaked you away into a dark night and exposed you dangerously to a seriously inconvenient secret of mine. As we sat there on the stairs of a building non-familiar to us both, I took a distant vision of the moment and realized something that blew me away – right there, at that point in time, you were the only person I could show the depth of being to, the only person who agreed to get lost into a moment with me where I could have been absolutely, desperately lonely – you were the reason I wasn’t alone that night and I couldn’t thank you enough, this stranger who was absolutely non-judgmental about me and was in her own way opening her heart to me, giving me a chance at friendship. You continue to amaze me.

I never felt so comfortable in a saree before, you wouldn’t believe what a gift that is. I will always remember you when I remember the first time I felt comfortable wearing a saree to a wedding, I have always wanted to attend a wedding in a saree and not feel awkward about it as I have felt before at other weddings. But more than just the gift, I will remember your warmth and generosity in being with me and giving me that experience. You show me how friendships are made and made in a way that one can’t forget how it all began! You are a beauty Sirisha, resplendent with your kindness and your company so pleasurable! I don’t want to imagine how lonely and sad I would have been without you at the wedding, just how lonely and sad as I always was in the company of people who always chose to ignore me. My heart expanded with joy to have found your company on a lonely desert that I am so tired of!

It’s such a delight to learn things about you! It’s like peeling layer after layer of preciousness! You read! You make art! You redo clutches! You cook! You love travel! You stitch! And you love stationary!!!! I am smiling as I await the surprise you will throw at me next. You truly are awesome! And I will wait longingly to share a drink with you and share more of our lives, I am sure there will be plenty of drinks for as long as we live but I have a feeling the first one will be truly special.

You are no stranger to the fact that I almost bear no regrets when I lose connections with people I don’t feel much affection for. But should there be any misunderstanding between us, which is almost impossible considering how cool we are, should there ever be anything of that sort, I would do everything to get back to the place where we stood that night when we first ‘truly’ met – the place where friendship blossomed between two soul sisters, so there’s never any getting rid of me for you. Sorry!

I love how I giggle to your messages, to our funny stories, to the legends of our awesomeness. I am convinced our awesomeness will never exhaust and I am thankful to celebrate it with you all this life.

Yours lovingly,



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