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Sweet Sons of the Sea

Dear Shells, (that hang in my bedroom)

You give me what I most want and what only you can give me. You are the gift I wake up to each morning. Maybe only for a second but what you give me is a blessing and I cherish the moment. You fill my ears with the sound of waves crashing on the shore. You dub my longing for a moment, you calm me, heal me and bring to my mind’s eye the precious expanse of ‘forever-blue’ that is beautiful, has seagulls flying over it, a distant ship and dolphins jumping into the air, the idea of a merman watching me.

You my dear shells hanging on the window of my bedroom bring me what my soul yearns for. I hear the roars of the sea when I step closer to you and press my ear against one of you dangling from the wooden square. Your colours remind me of the richness of the life that exists under the surface of the big oceans and the little white shells put some sea-froth on my feet. I look at you when I am happy and you take me on a ride on big, mighty, waves throwing me up and down the water, taking me close to the flying gulls,  making me laugh with soaring excitement, a racing heart, celebrating the beautiful strength of the limbs of the sea. I see you when I am sad and I see myself float on those waters but they’re calm, the moon shining bright, the winds gentle, the seagulls gone, the smell of Heavens in the air and the cold water under my skin heals me. Somedays when I hold a bleak light of hope in me, I see angels glowing in the moonlight over me.

Somedays I giggle as I lie on my bed and visualize tiny drops oozing out of each one of you – drops that grow into fountains and then steady streams and finally into big waves, filling my room with Arctic cold water. I see all things in my room topple and float, especially my bed and me. And then there are the sunny days when I feel the Mediterranean sand under my feet and sometimes I step on you accidentally – I always remember to apologise, dust you and leave a little peck on the underside of your belly.

I dream of a house across a sea, with a big courtyard or a balcony where I can let you hang and see you each morning with the sea in the background. I will have the sweet sound of your clinking all day as you play with the winds that blow into my house from the Blue God. I love you my dear sons of the sea and I pray you be with me forever, bringing the sea to me each day no matter where I am.




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