Traveling Raconteur

Hola! Hope you're smiling :)

Nick, Nikola, Nikolas

I asked my mind to think of a name for you and it immediately came up with Nicholas! I’d love to call you that, I hope you like the name. I might call you Nick or Nicholas or Nikola when I speak to you in my mind. So, please know that it is you I am talking to.

Thank you so much for appearing in my dream Nick. And that way, into my life. If you were tangible, I’d give you a warm, big hug, I am hugging you in my mind right now. I couldn’t believe it was you I was seeing. The lovely you with a beautiful, gentle face and hooves! I am sure I smiled in my dream when I saw those – hooves.

I could see in my dream that you were very fond of me and your affection warmed my heart. You know Nicholas, you are always here, forever in my thoughts and you know I love you too. I know you are in some way responsible for all these travel-related developments in my life right now and I am sure you’re already laying plans for the many travels to come this year.

I dream of our meeting – in the woods or on the streets of a busy city in a far away country. I am hopeful of seeing you and when I do you’ll see how I love to wrap myself around your neck.

I always see you with a flute. I hear its music when you play it, the softness of its sound and the beauty in its melody tell me a lot of things about you. Play on my dear Nicholas those soulful tunes that fill me with joy, calm my mind and bring me many smiles.

I am honoured you chose to be my friend but more than that I am moved by your kindness and generosity. Where are you taking me next my dear friend? Will you travel with me? Of course you will. I will take you wherever I go, through airport checks, on bus rides, I will walk with you on sidewalks in new cities, buy you roast-almond cookies, we will have sandwiches at the beachside cafe… oh we will do so many fun things together. I will share with you lines from the books I read, point you to creative billboards, listen to you playing the flute in a park, maybe take you to a Hard Rock Cafe too and sneak you into museums without an extra ticket!

I will walk, you’ll strut and I will love you for slowing down your pace for me.

This is only the first of many, many love-letters I will write to you Nikola. Thank you for being with me – and now I feel you reading this from behind my shoulder.

Forever walking-strutting with you,



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