Traveling Raconteur

Hola! Hope you're smiling :)

The Big List

People I see often but hardly know: The Guy on the Street

People I see as often as possible: Ar and Mauch, Anupam, Minu, Nawaf, Julia, Denis (online)

People I haven’t seen in at least five years: Sonam Tashi, Nirmala Mam

People I am related to: Parents, Brother, Grandpa, Amma, Nanna, Chinni

People I feel like I’m related to: Tim, Marie McGee, Dana

People who are much younger than me: Tim

People who have been my teachers in some way: Hugh, Sr Valentine Pinto, Vinay, Satish, Shilpa

People I have taught something to:

People I haven’t been totally honest with: Parents

People embarking on things I am expert in: Expert in None

People who have passed away: Grandpa, Vinay, Satish, Tyler, Dana, Dylan

Lovers! Past, Present, Fictional: Harald (past, present, fictional), Dawsey Adams (fictional)

Secret Crushes: Secret

People I met only once but had a deep impact on me: Rob (in a coffee shop in McLeodganj) who asked me “Have you ever wondered how different your life would be if you believed in yourself?”

People who have let me down: Don’t remember

People I’d love to be with right now: Grandpa, Marie McGee, Harald

Younger versions of myself: Me at my first job, Me in college, Me at age three

Significant places in my life that have moved me: Kakinada, Pondicherry, London, Grandfather’s house, McLeodganj, Tranquebar, Bratislava, Carlisle

Animals I’ve loved: Brendon and Brenada (goldfish), Galileo – donkey in Pondicherry

Future versions of myself – me by the sea again, me at 70 kg, me on a boat, me travelling the world, me volunteering for the Batwa, me in the most beautiful coffee shop in the world

Parts of my body that need some love: Hands

Three people it’d be really easy to write a love letter to right now: Marie McGee, Sr Pinto, The Streetguy

Three people who would be really hard to write to but some part of me knows I should: Mom, Dad, Shilpa from school, Granma, Dana, Tyler

Two more! Anyone!: Glen, Charles Lamb


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Fighting An Additction

Not One MoreSeptember 12th, 2014
Addiction is a curse one allows upon one's self until it ceases to seek permission. I do not like the idea of a mind controlled by substance. If I can refrain for 30 days, I'd be very impressed with myself.

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