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Hola! Hope you're smiling :)

Yo Teeth!

My dear teeth,

Thank you for keeping yourself healthy! Though this is the first time I am ever saying ‘I love you’ to you, I developed great love for you a long time ago when I learnt to smile.

I am sorry about a lot of things, especially for not liking you in my childhood, for doing you the dishonour of pursing my lips to keep you from flashing while I smiled, for being ashamed of you and wishing you were better.

Over the years you have patiently taken a lot of criticism from family and friends and maybe strangers too. I am sure they now wish they had you instead of their own teeth – for your beauty and health.

Your precursors were a fine team too. Two of them had to make an early exit thanks to my mum’s strong corporal punishment which is now extinct – there are a lot of regrets about that from my aunt who had always loved you and maybe my mother regrets the harsh blow too but she never says it. I have absolutely no qualms about it. It sure hurt when I lost them but the physical pain and the gap you had was too much fun, that’s when I played with you.

Look at you now! How beautifully you have grown! You must now be tired of the compliments you get – mostly from me and occasionally from others. I love the way you are – big, white, healthy and don’t you taste sweet!  I love playing with you in the mirror. I also love touching you when I am thinking. I sometime press my fingers real hard on you to try and feel your roots in my jaws because I want to feel you!

Thank you for making me beautiful.

I feared losing you many a times when I dreamt of you all falling off. Those were nightmares, I hated them. Sometimes they scared the hell out of me – who likes to be without teeth! But I am so glad they are just dreams. When I looked up the Internet to find out what these dreams could mean, I was humbled by your nobleness – you are trying to tell me what I could feel but couldn’t acknowledge. You tried to ask me get out of meaningless relationships and senseless duties. You have no idea how important that message has been for me. Thank you!

I flash you proudly now for pictures. I am proud of you. You make a few people envy you and you sometimes just makes someone’s day!




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