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To Me at 10

Dearest little girl,

Yes, your grandfather is a lovely man. You’ll miss him all your life so get used to his absence but also know that your memories of him is the greatest gift he has left you with. And yes, your parents are lovely, they love you, adore you and will do anything for you. They don’t love anything or anyone more than your brother and you. Your brother will be tough to handle but that’s okay, that’s how he is and he really likes you and cares about you though he wouldn’t show any bit of it.

You must know what you didn’t know before – that you are an adorable, intelligent, smart, lovely little girl who has in her the strength and ability to do whatever she wants. Your cousins may treat you otherwise and maybe other family members and a few friends too but do not let that bother you for you are truly beautiful. Do not lose a moment my dear little girl in melancholy or in tears because what you think about yourself is not really true, you are truly a little shining star that will only get brighter with age.

Growing up is tough and you will commit a lot of mistakes. I wish I could tell you all these things earlier and wish you didn’t have to go through the pain of these mistakes but do not worry. You haven’t wronged, you have only been a little less gentle on yourself. Please my dear, love yourself and you will crave no love of any other kind. You have an ocean of love and affection that your parents shower on your everyday. Your true love will seek you beautifully and do things to make you smile, he wouldn’t ask you to kill your self-respect and wouldn’t give you pain. Men will come and go but do know that none of it is meant to be and hence it wouldn’t last. Tell you a little secret – celebrate each day that none of those worked for not one was right for you and celebrate the fact that there’s someone gentle and kind awaiting you who will seek you without any trouble for you.

You’ll have a splendid time and start working very early on! Congratulations on that and always take pride in it. Your career may not really go in the direction you want it to but that’s alright, you will have more peace of mind and more time to explore several things about yourself with whatever jobs you take up – even if you don’t like them very much, they’re good for you! Don’t let the Jones’ bother you – they’ll never have the things you have. Comparing yourself, especially your pay will be the root cause for your dissatisfaction, do not do that for higher pay does not mean greater happiness, not at all. Just be happy girl that you have a wonderful life and that you wake up to your mommy each morning and Sundays are spent with family, with your adorable dad whom you love so much!

Yes, it’s true. Life’s not easy and misery surrounds us at every corner and it’s true that despite the misery and pain – Life is truly, utterly beautiful and should be celebrated along with empathy for every living being around you. Trust yourself girl, be strong, be happy and spread the joy that is in you. Give away smiles like they’re candies. Always remain as joyful as a bouquet of flowers, beautiful yet sensitive and fragrant! Love yourself like no one would and love the world like you love yourself for it’s a part of you and you a part of it. Smell flowers, light candles, sip tea, travel by your instinct, indulge in shopping sprees, be generous, have pets, you’re never too old to call out ‘pappppppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,’ sketch even if you think you don’t do it well, kiss mom everyday, wait for him – he’ll come to you, dance though you really cant, run like you are trying to catch the fastest butterflies, make lists, write journals, give away books, get tattoos, forgive like you’re never hurt, love with all your heart, research what they call boring topics, fight with Feroze and make it up with gifts, live your dreams, think of the impossible, give like nothing’s yours and be gentle on yourself and always know that you know nothing.

Love as deep as the oceans,

You at 25


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